Ukraine – Korosten

Ukraine – Korosten Bible College


Korosten Bible College (KBC) was the first Pentecostal Bible School to open in Ukraine after the dissolution of the USSR. Built with help from Canada, KBC has a fine three-storey facility that can house 50 students, and which the local church uses on Sundays. It is also a base for humanitarian ministry throughout the area.

KBC has been preparing people for ministry since 1991, and has had over 220 graduates. Students come from allover Ukraine, and from other countries like Russia, Moldova and Belarus. KBC graduates are active in ministry as pastors, pastors’ helpers, evangelists and church planters.

In 2000, KBC opened an extension school program, providing college-level training for those who cannot pursue full-time studies. Scores of people have received this training and are involved in ministry as pastors, worship leaders, Sunday school directors, etc.

But it seems the Holy Spirit has called us to enlarge our tent to also prepare people for missionary service.

A new focus on missions is being implemented which will work in harmony with the Light for the Nations missions training already birthed by PAOC in Ukraine.


Ukraine is strategically located between Europe and Asia – its name literally means” borderland” . With the election of Viktor Yushchenko as president following the” Orange Revolution,” a new day of hope, political freedom and spiritual openness has begun.

Ukraine has a population of 48 million people, and over 20,000 towns and villages with no Evangelical church. The need for trained leaders, pastors, and church planters is tremendous.

At the same time, God has blessed Ukraine to be both the physical and spiritual breadbasket of Eurasia.

Upwards of 80% of all believers in the former Soviet Union live in Ukraine, and 80 per cent of all pastors and missionaries across the Soviet Union are Ukrainians.


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